Friday 23 September 2016

Day Bhutan Highlights Motorcycle Adventure Tour

11 - Day Bhutan Highlights Motorcycle Adventure Tour
That's how people greet one another in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.
 The country is sandwiched between India and China in the eastern Himalayas at elevations ranging from 180 to 7,500 meters. With an area of 47,000 square kilometers, Bhutan is roughly the same size as Switzerland. The kingdom has around 650,000 inhabitants, of which around 50,000 live in the capital Thimphu. Bhutan is mainly Buddhist, a small Hindu population of Nepali immigrants lives in the south of the country. 
Bhutan opened to modern development only very recently. The first road was built in 1962. In 1983, the first, and to date only, airport was opened. Tourism is permitted only to the extent that it does not endanger the kingdom's traditional culture and society. In Bhutan, "gross national happiness" takes precedence over economic considerations.

Only a few thousand visitors visit the mountain kingdom every year – and the high price of admission is likely to keep it that way. USD 200.00 is the minimum daily expenditure for tourists in Bhutan, and individual travel without a guide is not permitted.

In return, visitors can marvel at the country's spectacular, virtually untouched natural beauty.

Bhutan is a land of snowcapped mountains, deep, broad valleys with fertile rice paddies and orchards, tiny villages and bustling market towns. Yet the south is covered in jungle and more reminiscent of India than the Himalayas. Bhutan is a thoroughly exotic country that stimulates all of the senses.

Riding a motorcycle in Bhutan is different.

Straight roads hardly exist, and we've counted an average of 10 curves per kilometer. The roads are quite empty, and the capital city of Thimphu doesn't even have a traffic light! Our motorcycle tour of Bhutan takes us along small mountain roads in varying conditions, and the ride never gets boring – beautiful landscapes soon cure us of the urge to ride hard. We kick back and savor the pure joy of cruising on our Bullet motorcycles at a relaxed 30 to 70 kph.
Our Bhutan bike tour is structured to allow enough time to get to know the countryside and the residents of the villages along the roads.
We travel together with local friends who give us unique insights into their country and who share our love of biking.